Teacher Leadership

Teacher Leadership

Teachers are the heart and soul of the movement to expand educational opportunity. Today, 13,500 alumni are full-time pre-K through 12th grade teachers. The impact of their commitment to students, students' families, and communities can never be understated. 

Alumni Spotlights: Why I Teach



Why I Teach: Students Of Color Who Look (And Don't Look) Like Me

“While I may not be teaching kids who look just like me, they are in many ways a portrait of my younger self...I teach kids who need role models. I can affirm their existence not simply out of sympathy or compassion, but because I empathize with their upbringing. I am fulfilling my passion and my responsibility, choosing to return each year to a low-income community, similar to the one I grew up in, and empowering our kids.”



Why I Teach: 4 Criteria For Making Project-Based Learning Impactful

“Middle school students are at an important crossroads in their lives. In my Humanities classroom, my goal is to create a space where they can develop the belief that their voices matter. I want students to expand their curiosity about the world, and to learn the necessary skills to change it for the better.”



Why I Teach: Coaching Kids To Break The Impossible

“We have such power as teachers and coaches. We can give our students the leadership that spurs action, the word that inspires a student to believe, and the hope that what seems impossible is totally within reach.”

Alumni Leading from the Classroom

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