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About Teach For All

  • A Global Problem
  • A Global Approach
  • Solutions Are Shareable

Around the world, 250 million children lack the skills necessary to read, write, or perform basic mathematics. In rich and poor countries alike, where children are born largely determines the kind of education they’ll receive and, ultimately, their options in life.


Launched in 2007 by Wendy Kopp and Brett Wigdortz, the founders of Teach For America and the UK’s Teach First, today Teach For All is a global network of over 35 independent, locally led and funded partner organizations with a shared vision for expanded educational opportunity in their countries. Each organization recruits and develops diverse and promising future leaders from a range of academic disciplines to commit two years to teach in high need classrooms and to work throughout their lives, both within and outside of education, in pursuit of expanded opportunity for children.

Because there is so much to learn across borders, Teach For All takes a global approach. While each context is unique, similarities in the nature of educational inequity from place to place lead to shareable solutions. Partner organizations and their teachers and alumni learn from each other and innovate—moving forward faster by working together. Teach For All works to accelerate network partners’ progress and increase their impact in their country by providing a global platform for the sharing of ideas and innovations and supporting partners in adapting them to their local contexts.

Meet Members of our Network

A close shot of a young woman with straight dark brown hair, a black vest, a white dress shirt, and a white silk scarf playing with two girls both dressed in white.
Hua Sha, Teacher, Teach For China
Teacher, Teach For China

On their final exam, my class scored first in the school, and tested above-average in our county.

A close head shot of a middle-aged woman with wavy brown hair smiling in front of a blue building, wearing a black sweater and a dark blue dot patterned shirt.
Chaitra Murlidhar, Alumna, Teach For India
Alum, Teach For India
Manager, Social Initiatives at Thermax

If we so deeply believe that every child can learn, then we must also deeply believe that given the right skills and training, every teacher is capable of leading their classroom.

A young man with thick brown hair parted on the right and a bearded chin smiling in a classroom, wearing thick black framed glasses and a blue dress shirt.
Quim Sabrià, Alum, Empieza por Educar (Spain)
Co-founder, Edpuzzle

I strived to instill in my students the mindset that setbacks can actually move you forward, inspiring you to come up with new, innovative solutions to a problem.

A young man with very short black hair wearing a white dress shirt and a red tie, sitting at a desk among students, with his right hand raised to his ear to listen better.
Dzameer Dzulkifli
CEO, Teach For Malaysia

This work isn’t just about sharing practices to take back to our own countries—it’s about global collaboration.