Leadership Team

Chief Executive Officer

A middle-aged woman with grey-black hair, a bob haircut, and small silver hoop earrings, smiling, wearing a grey blazer.
Chief Executive Officer

Leadership Team

A middle-aged woman with straightened black chin-length hair smiling, wearing gold hoop earrings, a gold pendant necklace with a gold hoop, a gray blazer, and a white shirt.
Executive VP, Program Continuum
A middle-aged man with a goatee and tied back dreadlocks, wearing a black suit with a purple tie.
Executive VP, Regional Operations
A middle-aged man with short brown hair leaning to the right and smiling, wearing a black blazer, a blue dress shirt, and a pink tie.
Executive VP, Talent, Operations & Acting CFO
Photo of Paul Keys
Executive Director
A young woman with long brown hair tied up behind her head, smiling, wearing gold hoop earrings, a pink wraparound scarf, and black blazer.
Executive VP, Recruitment
A close head shot of a middle-aged man with dark blond hair smiling in an office, wearing a black blazer and a white and blue striped dress shirt unbuttoned at the collar.
Executive VP, Public Affairs & Engagement

General Counsel and Chief Officers

A young woman with shoulder-length brown wavy styled hair smiling, wearing a gray blazer and a white shirt.
Senior VP, Legal Affairs; General Counsel
Dr. Irma McClaurin is the Chief Diversity Officer for Teach For America.
Chief Diversity Officer
Chief Information Officer
A middle-aged man with thinning dark blond hair and a blond and gray goatee smiling, wearing wire frame glasses, a gray blazer, a light blue shirt, and a purple tie.
Chief Knowledge Officer
A young-looking middle-aged man with thick light brown hair styled upwards, smiling in front of a house, wearing a black blazer and a white dress shirt.
Chief Marketing Officer
A close head shot of a middle-aged woman with short curly brown hair wearing a gray blazer, a gold necklace with large circular charms, and a black shirt.
Chief People Officer

National Board of Directors

Our National Board of Directors plays a critical role in developing Teach For America's strategic plan and ensuring that we are able to meet the ambitious goals we set for ourselves. We are deeply grateful for the advice, support, and advocacy our Board Members provide.




Thomas H. Castro

Founder and CEO, El Dorado Capital, LLC

Maxine Clark

Founder, Chief Executive Bear and Chairman, Build-A-Bear Workshop

Paul J. Finnegan

Co-Chief Executive Officer, Madison Dearborn Partners LLC

David Gergen

Professor of Public Service and Director of the Center of Public Leadership, Harvard University

Rand Harbert

Senior Vice President, State Farm

Kaya Henderson

Chancellor, District of Columbia Public Schools

Kevin Huffman

Fellow, New America Foundation and Former Tennessee Commissioner of Education

Walter Isaacson

President and CEO, The Aspen Institute

Joel Klein

CEO, Education Division and Executive Vice President, Office of the Chairman, News Corporation

Wendy Kopp

CEO and Founder, Teach For All

Sue Lehmann

Management Consultant

Michael L. Lomax, Ph.D.

President and CEO, United Negro College Fund

Stephen F. Mandel Jr.

Managing Director, Lone Pine Capital, LLC

Richard D. Parsons

Senior Advisor, Providence Equity Partners, Inc.

Greg Penner

General Partner, Madrone Capital Partners

Nancy Peretsman

Managing Director of Allen & Company, LLC

Vince Roig

Chairman Helios Education Foundation

Paula A. Sneed

Retired Executive Vice President, Kraft Foods

Lawrence H. Summers

President Emeritus and Charles W. Eliot University Professor, Harvard University

Beverly Daniel Tatum, Ph.D.

President Emerita, Spelman College

Elisa Villanueva Beard

Chief Executive Officer, Teach For America

Gregory W. Wendt

Senior Vice President, Capital Research Company

Meg Whitman

President and Chief Executive Officer, Hewlett-Packard

National Board: Lifetime Directors

Our Lifetime Directors played a critical role for many years in developing Teach For America’s strategic plan and ensuring that we are able to meet the ambitious goals we set for ourselves. We are deeply grateful for the advice, support, and advocacy that our Lifetime Directors continue to provide.

John Hotchkis

Founder, Chairman and CEO, Ramajal, LLC

Sherry Lansing

CEO, Sherry Lansing Foundation

Arthur Rock

Principal of Arthur Rock and Co.

National Council of Regional Board Chairs

Our National Council is comprised of the chairs of each of our regional advisory boards. This group provides critical oversight of our regional operations and shares best practices that help us maximize our local impact.

Joseph Aluise

Ron Beit

Katherine Bradley

Daphne Butler

Krissi Carlson

Feroz Dewan

H. Mitchell D'Olier

Susan Dunn

Jason Fish

Julie Frist

Mike Goodrich

Robert J. Hall

Carol Hallquist

Steven T. Halverson

Jon Hammes

Cordell Haymon

Karen Heilman

Cathy Henson

Mike Keiser

Ward Klein

Janet Levit

Ken Levit

Jane Lewis-Raymond

Steve Lipstein

Steven F. Mandel Jr.

Jack McGrory

Kathy McKim

Chad McWhinney

Scott C. Nuttall

J. Puckett

Paul Purcell

Robert H. Rawson Jr.

Bob Ross


Lisa  Sablosky

Leslie Miller Saiontz

Deb Sawch

Doug Selman

Jim L. Sigman

Paula Sneed

Debra Sonkin


Phil Soran

Jocelyn Stewart

Suzanne Wade

Paul Wolman