Annual Report

Reflections from Our CEO

Progress and Persistence



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Our Community

Movements are all about people and relationships, and we must continue to build the infrastructure to engage and unite our large and diverse community. We’re working to dramatically improve the culture and connectedness of our network of corps members, alumni, and staff members. As part of this effort, we’re bringing together subsets of our community to grapple with the issues, share resources, and prepare to forge the paths forward that kids need.

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Teach For America has long focused on continuous improvement and innovation in our program model, in the service of ever-greater student impact. We’re redesigning our infrastructure for world-class learning and leadership development at scale and investing in culturally responsive pedagogy, leading across lines of difference, blended and personalized learning, and management and coaching. 

A group of middle school students in a hallway showing off pictures of plants.
A class of young high school students wearing matching green shirts in a science classroom.

Why I Teach: One Lab, Countless Possibilities

By Jennifer Freeman (Metro Atlanta ’05)

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The Next Generation

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The next generation will bring perspectives and approaches to learning and leading in the 21st century that are unique, fueling innovation and accelerating the learning curve of the collective. Despite unprecedented challenges in our recruitment efforts, more than 240,000 students met an incredible new cadre of teachers at the front of their classrooms this fall. Meet two of these talented beginning teachers: