• Out of 50 states, Louisiana ranks dead last in the number of fourth graders who read at the proficient level on the national skills test, NAEP.

  • In 2012, 100% of Children’s Charter School’s fourth graders taught by Katelyn Larkin (South Louisiana Corps ‘10) and Anne Lyneis (South Louisiana Corps ‘06) passed the state LEAP exam.

About South Louisiana

Post Hurricane Katrina, Louisiana’s troubled education system was at the forefront of national news. The focus on New Orleans brought hundreds of leaders and innovators to the area—many of them with Teach For America roots. Less than a decade after disaster, great progress has been made to turn around failing schools in New Orleans.

But just to the north of the city, students in Baton Rouge and rural Louisiana communities are facing the same massive obstacles to an excellent education as their peers in New Orleans. 

Here, the burgeoning success stories of our southern neighbors are often met with skepticism. Can schools really be improving? Can our kids actually do better? This culture of low expectations is self-perpetuating and ultimately destructive for our students’ futures.

Alongside community efforts, we are determined to prove skeptics wrong and improve outcomes for students, classrooms, and schools in South Louisiana. Our corps members and alumni, now 350 strong and teaching more than 12,000 students, are creating proof points of success every day. From students winning scholarships that were once unthinkable, to new models of schools providing what is possible, to applications from schools and leaders to work in our community, we’re seeing strong progress in South Louisiana – but that isn’t enough. Inspired by their determination, and with the knowledge that change is possible, we are working to pick up speed, grow our numbers, and play a larger role in the movement to ensure all kids in South Louisiana have access to an excellent education.

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Executive Director

Michael Tipton
While an undergrad at Louisiana State University, Michael volunteered at a local public school.

It was there that he deepened his knowledge of the enormity of the disparity in education when the third grade student he worked with was not able to read basic first-grade words. Michael, a South Louisiana native, joined Teach For America and taught as part of the founding staff at Mott Hall Bronx High School in New York. Spurred by the examples of success he saw in his classroom and school, Michael returned home to Baton Rouge in 2007 to lead Teach For America’s efforts in South Louisiana. Over the last 7+ years, Michael has worked with community leaders, teachers, and advocates to dramatically expand Teach For America’s impact in the Baton Rouge area and to build a community wide plan for improving educational options for all South Louisiana students. Michael was named LSU’s Young Alumnus of the Year in 2013, was named as a winner of the John Barton Award for Excellence in Non-Profit Management in 2012 and is involved with various community organizations including serving on the board of the Rotary Club of Baton Rouge.

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