Research Partnerships

Who We Are
Research Partnerships cultivates new independent research about our organization's work, serves as a clearinghouse for key organizational statistics, and collaborates with staff around the discussion of research related matters, both about Teach For America and the broader education reform movement.

Commitment to Research
Teach For America believes it is important to evaluate our impact on the students and schools we serve. Statistics and research are used to inform key programmatic decisions, communicate with stakeholders, report to funders, and ensure compliance with federal grant requirements. We welcome, support, and pursue rigorous, independent evaluations of our corps members and alumni.

Research Agenda
In addition to newer initiatives around SPED, ECE, and STEM, Research Partnerships has set an explicit research agenda around the following assertions:

  1. TFA is a continuously improving organization.
  2. TFA provides a lens on the importance of selectivity.
  3. Corps members and alumni bend the opportunity curve for low-income children, directly and indirectly.
  4. Corps members, alumni, and staff show fidelity to the mission—to eliminate educational inequity—in patterns of service among institutions serving low-income children.
  5. Corps members and alumni pursue ambitious opportunities to lead at scale.
  6. In identity and practice, corps members, alumni, and staff embody the notion that diversity among those serving low-income children matters.

Research Partnerships
If your institution is interested in conducting research furthering any of these agenda items or special initiatives, please email Your Research Partnerships contact will guide you through our application process, beginning with a Preliminary Research Inquiry. If the Preliminary Research Inquiry meets internal criteria and we can marshal the internal resources to support your work, you will be invited to submit a full research proposal.

External Research
To read about select independent studies examining Teach For America’s Instructional Impact, Alumni Leadership and Impact Beyond the Classroom, Diversity, Selection Model, and Retention, read What the Research Says.

Teach For America has periodically commissioned external studies of principals’ views on corps members. In the 2013 iteration of the National Principal Survey, principals overwhelmingly reported satisfaction with corps members. Eighty-four percent of principals said they would hire another corps member given the opportunity, and 91 percent reported it somewhat (14%), moderately (29%), or extremely (49%) likely that they would recommend hiring corps members to their colleagues.  


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